Mid-Can Masters

Executive meeting

7:30, Thursday, Sept. 25

Members present : Rod C, Rod M, Francie, Tracey, Mickey


1) Rod

-        membership update

-        the club did much better than expected last year (2002-2003), the deficit was -$282.69, the club had budgeted for a deficit of around -$1000.


-        The smaller deficit was due to the profits made from Popsidwell and the Social (~+$669.41)as well as membership dues (~+$233).


-        The result going into the new session (2003-2004) the club has a cash balance of just over $9000:

o        just over $3000 in club account a $5000 GIC plus interest


Rod - suggests we roll over the GIC for another year as it doesn’t appear to be needed


“Motion to roll over GIC for another year”

      Tracey - seconded it

      all members in favor -Francie and Rod C


Rod continued

-        last year at this time more members had paid ~30 people, this year seems to be slower as only 10 people to date have paid.  The dead line for the discount this year is the following tuesday Sept. 30th).


(7:40 Mickey arrives)


2) Francie


update on executive

-        Helena will not be joining this year she was the MSN rep and equipment manager so we will need two new members

-        Francie will be retiring from President, a new President of the club is also  needed.

-        likewise a new Vice President is needed as Fixos is not here.


3) Francie

Provincial swim week

-        September 28 to October 4th has been designated as Provincial swim week, by MSM and Sports Manitoba


-        they have asked that clubs plan activities to promote swimming in the province.


-        suggests we open up our practices to the public by asking members of club to bring a friend and advertising by sending out invitations to Frank Kennedy personnel: Jody William, Walt Mckee etc.  Perhaps a “fun” practice on Saturday with a lighter practice and relays



-        executive felt that much of the public wouldn’t come for fun relays on a saturday morning.  How many people will come? Our practices are open for the first three already and we don’t get that many people. We don’t want too light of a practice as members still expect to come for a work out.



            Tracey will make invitations for Frank Kennedy personnel.

            We will ask members to bring a friend anytime during the week.


4) Francie


-        The best time for the AGM this year would be October 18th, as the week before is Thanksgiving, most members will be away, and this upcoming week is      too early to plan.


-        Kathleen is good to go for food etc. (as well as food for Popsidwell)


-        Francie is looking into inviting a guest speaker, her chiropractor



·         Financial statement from Rod M

·         E-mail update about lifeguard attentiveness during practices

·         Popsidwell update


New executive positions (voting etc...)                                                  

·         President

·         Vice President

·         MSM rep

·         Equipment manager


5) Mickey


-        November 22, in Steinbach, see green and yellow hand out.


-        Mickey - Jack Spence is covering Officials, Kathy is covering food, she is trying to find a way of distributing food and drink to volunteers and officials on deck this year as many were unable to come off deck to get water etc last year.


-        The banquet will be held at the Dutch Connection ($200 deposit to given by October 1st) a restaurant in town, the price of tickets to be set.


-        The lockers have changed somewhat this year as they are all coin operated and you don’t get your quarter back.


-        We still need prizes for the chinese auction and we need people to sell tickets for the auction and at the door.


6) Francie

lifeguard attentiveness during practices

-        At previous meetings discussion about the lifeguards professionalism, i.e.attentiveness on deck during practices has been brought up.

-        On June 18th Francie sent and e-mail to Amanda Moldzinski (the Aquatic Director) about our concerns and Rod Clifton sent an e-mail to Walt McKee (the Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty of Phys.ed, Programs and Services Director of Frank Kennedy) on June the 19th, both e-mails outlined club members concerns about lifeguards not watching the pool because they were talking or reading while on deck rather than “guarding” the pool, especially so     soon after the drowning cases in the media.


-        Walt Mckee responded June 20th. He suggested in his e-mail that he would bring up our concerns with Amanda and that the guards on duty would be aware that we are watching them.


7) Francie

Pool Accessibility

-        Francie will be sending an e-mail to Jody Williams in regards to pool accessibility. Her daughter will be swimming with us this year to have the opportunity for Pal to coach her as they will be going to competitions and he will be her coach.  She uses a wheel chair and our facility doesn't allow access to the pool at the moment.


meeting adjourned 8:15