Mid Can Masters

Executive meeting

October 9th 2003 7:25

Rod M, Francie, Tracey


1) Rod

            Memberships/Pool rental

            Membership- this year, 37 members have joined to date, at this point last year there were 44.  This is broken down into :

This year                                                                       last year

            13 people 3 times a week                           20

            13 are 2 times a week                                              14

            6 students                                                                  6

            6 drop in                                                                   N/A


(of the drop in members 5/6 were 2 or 3 times a week last year)


Therefore our deposit will be significantly smaller than last year (Around

$8000 which is about $3000 less than last year). We are down a significant

number of people compared to last year, in terms of membership funds.)


            Pool rental- Pop Sidwell, for the meet, the pool rental of the Steinbach

pool has gone up.  There was no warning this was to happen.  Last year the

rental fee was around $700, however this year it is $856. This is  a %15

increase.    Therefore the pool is costing us more to rent.


Francie- AGM

            -On Oct 18, Francie suggests, that she will write a notice on the board

during our swim practice to invite and remind members to come. Unfortunately

she has been unable to talk to her chiropractor about coming as a guest


            -Rod (C) has kindly booked St. Johns’ college, the faculty room for us.

            -Kathleen has not mentioned any problems, therefore  we believe

                        everything is a go for her.

            -We ask all executive members to encourage people to come.


            Pan Am -should Pan Am need to shut down this season to clean/repair, etc.,

it will affect their Masters team. We don’t know that there will be a shut

down for sure, however, what can we offer them in the event of their pool


            - We can offer them the drop in rate.

Do they need to pay any extra fees? (CASA)

No, as members of their own club, there are no other registration fees.

            -We can also pro-rate their swims, so that if they are coming 3 times a

week for half a month, they will pay for half a month.  We don’t want to

offer them a “deal” that would not be offered to our own members, it just

wouldn’t be fair.  So they may obviously join to swim with us, at our

regular rates, pro-rated if needed. ($30 for one month 3 times a week, or

$25 for 2 times a week)


            Water quality - since September the water quality has been good. It seems

to be clear and much more consistent. there have been the odd days where it 

has been cloudy, but it seems to be less habitually than last year.


meeting adjourned 8:00

next meeting November 13th 2003