Mid-Can Masters

Thursday February 6, 2003



members present: Francie, Rod.C, Roy, Kathleen, Tracey


1) Casino night

Official date March 21. Tickets are currently available through Rod.M. They

are numbered and he is keeping track of how many are sold etc.

$1196.84 has been put down as a deposit on food, casino supplies, and

university club rental date. Everything seems to be under control, from


Question, do or should we rent stools for around the gaming tables?

Discussion- we want people to mingle and get around, so maybe stools would

encourage just sitting at one table. Francie suggested that the table are a

comfortable height to lean on if needed. let's leave it for now or maybe

order half the number expected. Finally decided to leave it for now. We can

rent them closer to the date if it seems necessary.

Helen and someone?? are coordinating grande prizes and silent auction


Tracey is looking for dealers

Rod is doing tickets

Kathleen is doing everything else!

Some further discussion on how or if we could get tax receipts for donations

to the club. Answer is unknown, Francie will look into how we can apply and

if we can even qualify.


2)Progressive dinner

set a date- finally May 10th is settled on (11th is Mothers day..)

what needs to be done- we need to ask for houses. Decide if the bus idea

is good. Discussion- bus will cost approximately $400, the cost seems to be

too much. Bike form house to house or walk or roller blade seems better if

we can plan a good accessible route based on the houses that are offered

(hopefully close enough together). Maybe we could include assiniboine park

or peanut park for appetizers somehow? Further discussion about this will

occur in March meeting.


3) Water quality (change room cleanliness)

Water has still been murky in past two weeks. It was very bad one day,

couldn’t even see the wall from 2 meters away. No one really knows why. The

pool deck and the water fountain are dirty too. the fountain doesn't seem

to have been cleaned, there are dried fluids in it, and algae, etc. Ann and

Tracey have both mentioned this to guards on duty. Nothing has been done.

The change rooms are also really bad. There is dried mud on the some of

the benches in the female change room and the floors in the showers in both

the male and female change rooms are gritty and have bits of paper and dirt

and fuzz on them, mildew in the showers as well. Francie will e-mail some

of these concern to Amanda and perhaps Walt Mckee as Amanda is not in charge

of the change rooms.

meeting ending at 8:29