Mid Can Masters

Feb 12 2004



Rod M, Tracey, Kathleen, Roy, Bob, Shannon,Terri, Rod C


1) Bowling

      Kathleen has arrange the Bowling event for Feb 14, it looks like 20 to 24

people should be attending (members and family). pizza will be orders form

Boston Pizza, the two coupon/vouchers received by the club will be put

towards this cost. Keri is bringing dessert and Kathleen and kerri have

looked into some prizes for some draws.


2) Pop Sid well

      We are still awaiting information on the Nov. 20 rental. Heather, who does

rental booking for the facilities is on holiday, Rod has been looking into



3) Cheque signing

      Tracey and Rod have arranged to go to the bank and have everything worked

out this sat.


4) Membership

      3 new members have joined since the last meeting. 1 10 time swim, and  2 

two times a week. we have a total of 51 members, and 46 active members this


      Rod has projected that we will in debt $4200 this year as compared to the

revenues we are taking in.

      Roy has suggested we set a date in the spring for a membership meeting to

talk with members as to what should be done.  Executive members present feel

this a a good ides to get ideas perhaps.

      Saturday, April the 3rd is the date set. Rod C will looking into getting

St. Johns room for us.  Issues to discuss -how to get membership up, should

we raise fees, how should we approach new members etc. Roy will write a

letter to all members addressing this.


5) MSC

      Terri- age groups have changes slightly to include the 18-24 age group as

able to compete at Masters competitions.

      We as a club should look at how this might benefit us.  Perhaps we should

also look into a triathlete lane?


6) Lifeguard attentiveness

      Rod C - many members have noticed that there have been two guards on deck,

actually surveying the pool while we swim. This seems to be much more

professional as compared to what we have seen in the last year. Perhaps we

should send on our contentment with this aspect of life guarding to Walt and

Amanda.  Executive members present felt this would be a good idea. Rod will

pass on a e-mail addressing this to Walt and he can pass it on to Amanda


Next executive meeting set for March 11th 2004