Mid Can Masters

Dec 3 2004



Roy Smith, Kerri, Rod.C., Tracey, Greg, Colleen, Mickey,


1. October meeting minutes, accepted.


2. Pop Sidewell.


Pop sidewell went well. This year there was 58 swimmers. The meet finished at 5:50pm. The banquet was held at the University club and has been booked for next year (as it went so well). The date booked for next year is Nov 19, 2005.     Bob Groff, once again handled entries, heat sheets, results and awards.  Awards have been mailed out to participating clubs. Mickey will not be available to organize the meet next year. We are currently looking for a replacement. Possible meet directors to ask (Bob, or Leah)?    There will be a profit, at the moment it is almost $1000. However, there are still outstanding bills, and receipts.


3. Mid Can pamphlet.


Terri has finished the pamphlet. It looks great! There are a few minor editing details to take care of and then get it out.


4. T-shirts/ Bathing suits       


Shirts have been delivered by Bob. A positive response by members has been seen to these team shirts. Thanks Bob. Greg has ordered bathing suits. There are 14 ordered in total.  He ended up ordering form Body sculpture by Lynne. She has offered the best deal, with a final discount of %35, and is a pleasure to deal with. She has also given all Mid Can members a card to identify them as members of the club and they will all receive %25 off all purchases. Due to the terrific deal she has given us, all men will receive $7 back on their orders and women will receive $10. This will be given with the arrival of their suits. Thanks Greg.


5. Dec 23


Norm Cameron Farwell. Boston pizza has been booked for the 23, after practice. This is our last practice before the holidays. Kick boards for Brian and Norm have been purchased.


6. Finances.


Colleen is waiting to receive bank statements. We would like to put Rod Clifton on with signing privileges at the bank, as any members who are no longer part of the Executive have been removed from the list.


7. Social events.   


Upcoming social events. The Bingo bowling went well last year. We would like to repeat it. We will ask Kathleen to organize it again.


8. Lane leaders.


It looks as though all lanes have a leader except lane 4.


Next meeting set for Thursday January 13, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 8:15