Mid Can Masters

Dec 11, 2003


Rod C, Rod M, Roy, Tracey, Shannon, (Carrie!)


1) Adoption of minuets



2) Pop Sidwell

      Rod M -Still Waiting on a  few expenses or bills to come in, however at the

moment it looks like we are on the positive at $603, however again we are

just waiting for  a few more bills to come in and we need to pay them.  In

comparison to last year the pool rental went up, the banquet cost more, and

the club paid for the beer and sold it.

      Roy- it was disappointing to see the club turn out this year was quite

poor. Perhaps we need to come back to U of M, perhaps it is more convenient

and members feel it is our “home”.


3) Membership

      Rob M - 3 new members have joined since last month. One is drop in fee the

other two are 2x week

      (Roy sent out a note about the drop in fees to members of the club to pass

it on to friends.)


4) Christmas bonus

      Rob M -can we vote on a Christmas bonus for Pal. The club usually gives a

$100 bonus.

      All in favor = all evacuative present =passed


5) Christmas dinner/drinks at Boston Pizza

       Kathy has made reservations and it is a go! For next week.


6) Web project

      Tracey has spoken to her brother and he is willing to help with the design

layout of any pamphlets or pages organized of club info as he has taken 

graphic design courses.

      Bob is probably willing to help out with the creation of a web page as he

enjoys playing with computer stuff. We will ask him to help us get it going.

      Roy proposes that a sub committee of Bob, Rod M and Glenn, could work on

the page for this year.


7) Fundraising (Casino night)

      -Last years Casino night was fun, but it seemed like a lot of work for very

little profit. 1 new member would bring in the same income. Perhaps we

should look in to better advertising, such as a better web page or pamphlets

at the front of the building to bring in a few new members. Kathy arrives 8:15

      - she would like ideas for social events, such a s bingo bowling. Bring

your ideas, and she will look in to dates, costs and prices.


meeting adjourned at 8:25