Mid Can Masters

April 15, 2004



Roy, (Kerri), Tracey, Rod.M, Rod. C, Kathleen


1) Forgotten thank you, to Kerri, for all her help with the Successful Bowling evening.


2) Pop Sidwell

            The U of M pool has been rented for November 20th, from 1:30pm to 7pm, and

the classroom has been rented from 2:30pm until 6pm.

This allows for a 1:30 to 2:30 set up, 2:30 -3 warm up, 3-6:30 meet time,

and 6:30 - 7 clean up. The total cost of the rental is $608.xx and a few


            Kathleen is looking into pricing between St. Johns, and The Faculty club

for the banquet.

            Presidential request from Roy- less confusion this year with the banquet

tickets. People must buy tickets ahead of time and present them at the door,

then a stamp or some form of allowing us to know who has paid must be in



3) Progressive supper

            drop off hot dinners by 4:45

            a) Bob Groff (close to  the running room off Pembina) at 5:00 for appetizers

            b)Helga Sickert (by St. Vital Park) at 6:30 for dinner/main course

            c) Roy and Kerri’s (off River road) at 8:00 for dessert and games

            game ideas -Canadian Trivia, Baby pictures..., animal friends!?


4) Club T-shirts

            Bob is investigating the possibility of club shirts, he will provide more

info as it comes up.


5) Membership

            a) web site -Rod is working on it and will bring in his work in for

approval to meetings/ or possibly members can e-mail him the changes he

needs to make and add

            b) pamphlet- Terri continues to work on it

            c) poster- Tracey will talk with and possibly work with her brother on     it

            d) Rec. ad- Roy, Rod.C, and possibly Norm will set up a motion to meet with

Gary Thompson to discuss this and other aspects of the club.


6) Club Fees

            Motion to accept the following fee structures:

            3 swims a week = $369 (2.80 per sw)

            2 swims a week = $270 (4.15 per sw)

            1 swim a week   = $198 (4.65 per sw)

-with a drop in option for once and twice a week members to purchase 5 drop

in swims for $30 ($6 per sw)

            student rates as follows

            3 swims a week = $ 300 ($100 term)

            2 swims a week = $ 230 ( $75 term)

            1 swim a week   = $ 150 ( $50 term)

++++ plus the $20 registration fee for MSN outside of current membership



Motion accepted by Rod C and seconded by Rod. M


Meeting adjourned 8:45

next meeting May 13