Mid Can Meeting

April 8, 2003


-Tracey, Rod M, Rod C, Francie, Helene

1) Water Quality

Rod- It wasnít to clear on Saturday and once earlier that week. RodC-

e-mailed Jody in regards to these issues

-perhaps we should send out his e-mail address as discussed in previous

meeting, to our members so that they can sent jody more e-mails, and perhaps

someone will look into this problem.

2) Statement of finances from Casino night: Kathleen

(delivered by Francie)

F- so far, we paid $521.69 for food, and a deposit of $350 in the form of a

cheque was given. This has been cashes. Kathleen was under the impression

that it would not be cashed as she paid the full amount at the casino night.

$326 was paid for the casino rental. Total costs (excluding the cheque) is

about $857.

-Revenue was incurred from the 37 tickets sold and $5 in extra chips and

$160 from the silent auction = $1066 approximately.

-So if expenses are about $840 then our profit is around $200. This is as

long as the issue with the cheque is cleared up, other wise itís a loss of

around $150. Kathleen has left messages for Franka (manager) and Francie is

willing to contact them as well as they have yet to return Kathleenís


3) Contract for the rest of the year

Rod- has received the new contract, covering the rest of the year till the

end of Aug. He has suggested that he will now pay contracts in partial

amounts. Half up front and half at the end of the contract, to make up for

the credits. It will be easier than taking bits off the next credit.

-He projects that cost will be slightly lower than expected for the rest of

the year, by about $200.

4) Contact book

F- they have sent us a package asking for information etc. Itís a book for

community agencies to provide their clients with information about the

resources in the community. Problem who will be the contact person for the

next ? years.

T- how about we just use the web site address for the club, as it will have

the most current info at any time.

-Tracey will fill it out and send it in with this info.

5) Memberships

Rod- one new member (Todd). 54 members have joined at some point this year.

We are on the expected shortfall this year of $1500- $2000. It will be taken

out the account, and the GIC will be left untouched.

F- can we maintain fees for next year?

R - would like to bump up fees by $10.

F- concerns- if we raise the price too much we may lose members. there has

been a high turn over rate the past couple of year sand we donít seem to be

retaining members for the long run. What about MB masters. How much are

they charging. If we are charging that much more, they may get some of our

members who donít want to pay as much, plus they offer many more different

practice times that we canít offer. We need to find a way to sustain our


left unresolved.

6) Progressive dinner

F- Saturday May 10th, start around 4pm.

-Nick and Debbie have offered their home. This is the Kings Park area. We

are going to ask Penny, as she lives in this area, perhaps we can us her

place for something.

-The rest TBA

7) Equipment

Helene- looking into getting t-shirts for the club. She is pricing out

long sleeved and short sleeved etc. She suggests getting people to pay for

shirt (and future item, suits etc.) before ordering. Then it will be less

of a hassle to track them down for money etc.

8:15 end time

Next meeting May 8th

-Tracey unable to attend (will be in classes tue-thur evenings, from 5 -8

for the month of may and 1st two weeks of june)