Mid can Masters


October 18th 2003




Francie (Chair)


-Reading of meeting minuets from AGM of 2002 by Tracey.  Mickey moves that

minuets were as read.  Seconded by a member at large.


Rod M - Financial statement for the year

            - last year 56 people joined the club at one point during the year.

            - the projected loss of income last year was around $1850, however

            actually lost profits were $280.  This was due to the profit made at Pop

Sidwell and the social.  Overall it was a good year.

            -currently there is around $9000 in the Masters Bank accounts.  $5000 in

a flexible GIC and around $3760 in the bank account.

            -there has also been an addition to our current fee structure.  There is

an option to buy a $40 pass for 10 swims, it is a drop in category.  There

will be a sign-in system in place to keep track of who comes and when.

            -membership, this year there are 40 members to date, last year there were

44 at this time.  A few members from last year have not signed up.


{(Francie)- perhaps we can send previous members who were more interested in

the once a week option, our drop in fee schedule so we can get some of them

back out.  -Where can we get the numbers?  - There are lists of previous

memberships we can get them from there. (Rod C) perhaps we could have

someone from their lane that they are familiar with call them, and make it a

bit more personal, rather than just send our a feed schedule.  All members

present thought this was a good idea.}


            Rod M - projection for this year- there will most likely be a loss of

                        around $2500, and we will probably only have $500 left in the account,

but hopefully not have to use the GIC.

            -if other Masters clubs raise their fees next year then we can raise ours

to meet the fees for the year more closely, leading to less of a loss.

            -pool rental fees have stayed the same. It is still $42.50 hr to rent the

shallow end. At least until March!  Rod has projected a 3%        increase, just

to be safe.


            Brian - 2002 Take Off Turkey Contest - This year several members

participated.  The pot is $22.  (Put in $2, take off two pounds during the

allotted time, and your name goes into the pot.  The winner this year is Art Skoda.


            New Executive council

            -Returning this year is: Rod M as Treasurer

                                                            Tracey J as Secretary

                                                            Kathleen as Social Convener

                                                            Roy and Rod C as Members at large


            -needed this year are the positions of

                        President,  (Francie is retiring)

                        Vice president,  (Frixas is out of the country)

                        MSM rep,  (Helena is unable to return)

                        Equipment manager


President -Roy ?  Francie will ask him if he is interested, as he is not

here today

Vice President- Rod C has volunteered and is voted in

Equipment Manager- Natasha Yuska, (unable to attend today) has

                                                volunteered to take on this role.

MSM rep- Terri Kulchycki has volunteered to take on this role Members at large - Shannon Adam and Bob Modrcin


Brian moves everyone is voted in to the said positions.

Mickey seconded it.  All in favor, everyone in room.


Quick word from Francie - I just wanted to thank everyone in the club for

your support over the past couple of years. It has been much appreciated. 

Your feedback both good and “bad” has helped me ot do my job. Thank you

again for everything.


Mickey- Pop Sidwell update- there has been more problems than usual(pool

costing more/ banquet locations and set up) .

            -banquet tickets will be         $20

            -entries need to be in on the 10th of November to Mickey

            -you need to buy your own ticket this year, in previous years swimmer

received a ticket with their entry fees. this is not happening        this year.

            -prizes are need to for the silent auction. Francie will set up things,

                        however please pass on to your lanes that three prizes per lane are


            -door people or “Sellers”, for drink tickets and door surveillance are


            jack has organized the officials.


            Rod .C  moves to adjourn the meeting

            Bob seconds the movement

            All in favor, all members present.


11:05 adjourned