Saturday, October 27th, 2001


Executive Members Present: Dianne Boulay, Leah Barnlund, Francie Palmer, Rod Marcyniuk, Brian Russell, Charlene Zaidan, Marilyn Armstrong, Roy Smith

Breakfast was enjoyed by all and the meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.

President, Francie Palmers welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. Twenty-two swimmers were present plus the coach Pal Temesvari. Dianne read out the minutes from last year.

Miscellaneous Items:

It was reported that we currently have 45 swimmers compared to 37 at this time last year.

Francie announced that we need a Vice President as she only has one year remaining in her term.

Francie reported that a change had been made to the age requirements to join swimming. As long as a swimmer is 17 before the end of December in the year that they join they are eligible to swim.

Francie also pointed out that the University will be increasing the pool rental fees from $34.00 per hour to $42.50 per hour. A committee was established and they are still trying to negotiate with the Faculty of Physical Education.

A sheet was passed around to gather email addresses.

It was announced that the Swimming Etiquette appeared in our last newsletter. It was suggested that this be put on our website, posted on the board on the pool deck and that Rod distribute the sheet when members first join.

Bob suggested that to advertise our club, we could give a gift certificate for a free month’s swim.

Brian Russell talked about the Aquatic Hall of Fall and that it needed to be maintained better, anyone with suggestions was asked to see Brian.

Treasurer’s Report:

Rod reported that we began the year with a balance of $3200.00. Last year we were short by $2,060.00 which was covered by withdrawing $5,000.00 from our term deposit. The main reason for the shortfall last year was due to the membership being down. Rod reported that we still had $5,000.00 in a GIC. Rod explained the new swim options that we introduced this year. Swimmers could choose from 3 practices a week or 2 practices a week and had a chose of paying in full or in installments.

Equipment Manager:

Charlene reported that the team order for suits went in last Saturday, October 20th, and the suits should be in within 2-4 weeks. Kathleen Reid has agreed to take over temporarily for Charlene since Charlene is expecting a baby. Mid Can currently had $161.00 credit (percentage from suit sale) to spend at Swimming Matters. Charlene announced that Swimming Matters has moved their store but they are still in the same Mall. There were some sale items available if ordered before October 31th. If you still want to order a suit, just see Charlene. The suits for females are $60.00 and males are $34.00.

Pop Sidwell:

Mickey requested timers, runners and prizes for the silent auction. Mickey has entry forms and Roy Smith volunteered to take the entry forms and make up the relay teams. The meet will take place on November 24th and warm up will begin at 3:00 with the meet starting at 3:30. The entry deadline is November 11th. Banquet will take place at St. John’s College with drinks at 6:30 and supper at 7:00 pm. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door and someone will be at the door to collect all the tickets. There will be two different colors of tickets.

MSM Report:

Leah reported that the annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 7th, at 7:00 P.M. in Bob Groff’s office, 1090 Waverley, Manitoba Hydro building. We currently have three members on the board, Leah, Jack and Bob. This is Jack’s last year as chair, and after 4 years as Secretary, this will be Leah’s last year. Bob appears for now to be the permanent record keeper. We need another person to join the MSM as a member. Mid Can is responsible to be meet manager for this years Provincial however they will be negotiating a different way of handling this.

Volunteer Fee:

Francie explained that the concept of the volunteer fees worked reasonably well. Some people did partial volunteering and therefore will receive a rebate. Need to volunteer 5 hours to owe nothing. Note that there is a different rate for students ($30.00). Norm Cameron made a motion to continue with the Volunteer fees for another year. Seconded by Bob Groff. Motion carried.

Coaches Report:

Paul suggested that if you were returning from a holiday or time away from the pool, you should start slow and take it easy. Paul would like people to listen to his suggestions re technical improvement and try to follow them. Paul would like everyone to try to use the paddles unless they have a shoulder injury. Try not to use the flippers for the whole swim. Try to be more flexible with swimming in an empty lane to even the lanes out. Francie asked for a copy of his schedule indicating when he will be away. Norm asked if there was an underwater camera available to take pictures of the swimmer’s technique. Jack indicated that MSM had a camera and so it was suggested that we dedicate a Saturday swim to using the camera. Paul has lots of video that he can circulate.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am and then Dianne Boulay gave a presentation on the Sunrider products.