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Swim Manitoba Sanction: SNM2015-16-1

Meet Manager : Bob Groff

All current MSC rules will be in effect

The meet is governed by the Swim/Natation Manitoba Harassment and abuse policy and will follow Swimming/Natation Canada Warm up procedures.

Warm up: 2:00 pm Start 2:45 pm Saturday November 21nd 2015


University of Manitoba Joyce Fromson Pool (25 meter, short course)
Frank Kennedy Building, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba (204) 474-9414

Pool has " bring your lock" type lockers.

Park in U lot – across from Investors Group Field

Facility & Timing: Joyce Fromson Pool (Short Course 6 lanes)

Frank Kennedy Building, University of Manitoba

25 Dafoe Road Winnipeg MB

Dates and Times: Warm up: 2:00 pm Warmup/down area available all meet

Meet Start: 2:45 pm Saturday, November 21, 2015

Eligibility: All swimmers must be registered with Masters Swimming Canada or FINA affiliated organizations. Swimmer should provide to same name used when registering with their swim organization. Unregistered swimmers can register for the year and be eligible to compete in all Masters Swim Meets around the world for $33 or pay $10 to compete in this one meet.

Event List: See Appendix 1

Seeding: All events will be seeded by time, slowest to fastest. Meet management reserves the right to combine events so no athlete swims alone. All events are timed final.

Entry Limitations: Limit of 6 individual events plus 3 relays.

Bonus Swims: None

Relays: See Appendix 1

Entry Fees: - Individual $5.00-$10.00/swimmer/event

- Relay $16.00/team/event

- Swim Manitoba Entry Fee: - $6.00/entrant

There is an Officials fee each swim $1.00 per swim included in the price per event.

  • Provide 1 cheque per club payable to: MID- CAN MASTERS SWIM CLUB

  • Fees must be paid prior to the start of the meet; no swimmer is allowed to swim if their fees are outstanding.

          • NO DECK ENTRIES will be accepted

Entries: All entries must be submitted with a time. “No Time” (NT) entries will not be accepted. Teams will upload entries using a Hytek Entry File. Each swimmer must have a valid swimmer ID number, and a correct birth date and gender. Errors or omissions in the entry file will cause delays in accepting the file and posting the results. Send file to: rkgroff@shaw.ca.

All entries must be accompanied by a signedWaiver and Release Form” for each swimmer (see Appendix 4 )

Entry Deadline: November 15 2015

Meet Entries Contact: Bob Groff rkgroff@shaw.ca

Late or Deck Entries: None

Scratches: SNM Scratch Rule in effect (attached appendix 5)

Banquet: This years banquet is at St John's College. Tickets are $35 per adult as the cost is subsidized by Masters Swimming Manitoba and Mid Can Masters. Children 12 & under are half price.

Competition: Masters Swimming Canada rules apply.

Awards: Will be presented to all competitors. The Pop Sidwell Award is given to the club with more than 10 members that has the highest percent of their swimmers participating. Clubs must supply a total membership count on the relay entry form. The Mickey Stokotelny Award will be presented to the senior swimmer (65+) with the most points at the meet.

Individual Events: Under 19, 19-24 & every 5 years from age 25

Relay Events: 80-99, 100-119 & for every 40 years from 120

Scoring: Placing Points

-Points are by event and age category

-3 points for each swimmer or relay team placing 1st

-2 points for each swimmer or relay team placing 2nd

-1 point for each swimmer or relay team placing 3rd

Meet Management Team

Email address

Meet Manager: Bob Groff


Meet Entries: Bob Groff


Officials Coordinator:

Safety: MSC Warm Up Procedures are in effect (Appendix 2). It is the responsibility of each athlete to be aware of the safety rules and ensure they follow them.

New Stroke 2013 RULES


MSW 6.3 A swimmer shall not be completely submerged at the finish.


MSW 7.6 At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at, above, or below the water level.


MSW 8.4 At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at, above, or below the water level.

All other 2009 MSC Rules shall apply to MSM sanctioned meets until the 2013 MSC Rules come in force.

Meet Forms

Appendix 1

Individual Entry Form

Waiver Forms

Relay Entry Form

Club Summay Form

Appendix 2

June 27, 2014


Meet Management for all sanctioned Canadian swimming competition must ensure the following safety procedures are applied. It is incumbent on coaches, swimmers, and officials to comply with these procedures during all scheduled warm-up periods. Coaches are requested to encourage swimmers to cooperate with Safety Marshals.


  • Swimmers must enter the water FEET FIRST in a cautious manner, entering from a start or turn end only and from a standing or sitting position.

  • Running on the pool deck and running entries into the pool tank are prohibited.

  • Meet Management may designate the use of sprint or pace lanes during the scheduled warm-up time. Any such lane usage must be communicated either in pre-competition handout, announcement or deck signage.

  • Diving starts shall be permitted only in designated sprint lanes.

  • Only one-way swimming from the start end of sprint lanes is permitted.

  • Notices or barriers must be placed on starting blocks to indicate no diving during warm-up.


  • Kick Boards, Pull-Buoys, Ankle Bands, and Snorkels are permitted for use in the scheduled warm-up time.

  • Meet Management may permit use of tubing or cord assisted sprinting in designated lanes and during specific times of the warm-up only. Coaches are responsible for equipment reliability and use.

  • Hand paddles, drag chutes, and flippers / fins are not permitted during any warm-up at any time.


  • Swimmers witnessed by a Safety Marshal diving or entering the water in a dangerous fashion will be scratched without warning from their first event following the warm-up period in which the violation occurred.

  • In the case of a second offense during the same competition the swimmer will be removed from the competition in its entirety. A provincial disciplinary action or report may be filed.


The Safety Marshal is a trained position designated by Meet Management. Safety Marshals shall:

  • Be visible by safety vest

  • Be situated at each end of the competition tank and when applicable, similarly situated in designated warm-up tanks when pre-competition warm-ups are scheduled.

  • Actively monitor all scheduled warm-up periods.

  • Ensure participants comply with warm-up safety procedures and report violations to the Referee.


Coaches are requested to notify Safety Marshals of any Para-swimmers participating in warm-ups where necessary and at the coach’s discretion.

The following statement must appear in all Swimming Canada sanctioned meet information and posted notices:


Appendix 3







All sanctioned Manitoba swim meets are under the jurisdiction of Swim-Natation Manitoba and shall be governed by its current policies and rules, including SNM 2011 Harassment and Abuse Policy.

The Board of SNM recommends the deck be reserved solely for swimmers, coaches and volunteers assigned specific tasks in the running of the meet. 

By SNC policy, the referee and meet management have full authority over the deck and the spectator areas during swim meets. As the spectator area is considered part of the field of play, it falls under SNM authority and all SNM rules, polices and guidelines apply.

Referencing the Harassment and Abuse policy, the referee and meet management will require an individual to leave, if the actions of the individual are perceived to be interfering with the peace and security required for any athlete to achieve his/her best performance.






 Appendix 4

Athlete Waiver and Release Form

In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I, for myself, my executors, administrators and assigns, do hereby release and discharge the Mid-Can Masters Swim Club, Masters Swimming Manitoba, and Masters Swimming Canada from all claims and damages, demands and actions whatsoever in any manner arising or growing out of my participation in this event. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this event and I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate.

Signed:_______________________________________ Dated:__________________________

Appendix 5

Swim Manitoba (SNM) Provincial Scratch Rule

This scratch rule WILL be in effect at ALL Swim Manitoba sanctioned meets, in accordance with Swimming Canada rule CSW 3.6.

It is superseded by:

Swimming Canada (SNC) rule SNC 3 (3.1 to 3.4) at SNC designated meets held in Manitoba.

The scratch rule for Manitoba / Saskatchewan Championships, when they are held in Manitoba.


1. Time Final Events

a. There is no scratch deadline for time final events. Coaches are encouraged to report scratches to the clerk of course as soon as possible.

b. Penalties: Scratches and all step-downs, no-shows, and unexcused incomplete swims (as determined by the referee) will result in loss of entry fee.

2. Prelims/Final Events

a. Scratches from preliminary heats:

i. May be made at any time.

ii. Scratches, no-shows, and unexcused incomplete swims simply create empty lanes, as there shall be no re-seeding.

iii. Scratches and all step-downs, no-shows, and unexcused incomplete swims (as determined by the referee) will result in loss of entry fee

b. Scratches from finals:

i. Must be made within 30 minutes after the end of the preliminary session.

ii. Penalties: Scratches after the scratch deadline and all step-downs, no-shows, and unexcused incomplete swims (as determined by the referee) will result in the offending swimmer being scratched from all remaining events, including relays, scheduled for that day. No monetary penalty fee is to be assessed.

iii. ALTERNATE SWIMMERS: Alternates MUST report to the Clerk of Course at least 10 minutes prior to the event and be ready to swim if necessary.

iv. If a swimmer has not reported to the blocks when the race is called, the Referee shall replace the contestant with an alternate who has reported to the Clerk of Course and is present and ready to swim. The alternate shall become one of the finalists.

3. Relay Events

a. For time final events scratch rules for Time Final Events apply.

b. For prelims/final events scratch rules for Prelims/Final Events apply.

c. Relay names can be changed up to 30 minutes prior to start of relay event.

Approved Jan16, 2012 – Effective Jan 23, 2012