Mickey Stokotelny Award

Winner Bob Groff with 5 firsts and a relay first

Dave Kerr (younger) was second with 5 firsts

Bobbie Holland 4 firsts

Vicky Kennedy 3 firsts and 2 seconds

Grant Cosby 3 firsts and a relay third

Laurie Howland 3 firsts

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The record breakers

David Kerr - every event - too bad about the DQ in the 400 (200 free 100 IM 200 IM 100 Fly 50 Fly)

Paul Boulding 400 IM and 50 Fly

Mid Can Swimmers setting Records

Gabor Csepregi 100 back

Penny Kelly 400 Free

Mid Can Male relay 200 free male record

Bob Groff Gareth Simons Tom Lynch Gabor Csepregi

Other Mid Can Swimmers

Bob Modrcin

Aileen Clark

Lead Barnlund

Carolyn Smith

Wenda Dickens

Rhonda Leger

Shannon Adam