Thursday, October 11th, 2001

Executive Members Present: Dianne Boulay, Rod Marcyniuk,, Rod Clifton, Charlene Zaidan, Marilyn Armstrong, Leah Barnlund, Francie Palmer, Roy Smith

Regrets: Marilyn Armstrong, Brian Russell

The meeting was called to order at 7:45 P.M.

While we were waiting for Francie to arrive the rest of the executive read Dianne’s draft of the newsletter and made some changes/suggestions.

Francie called the meeting to order and Rod Clifton moved the minutes be excepted. Rod Marcyniuk seconded it, motion carried.

Rate Increase:

Francie told us that she had called around to see if other clubs pay for a life guard. The other clubs do not pay for a life guard as their coach allowed to act as a guard. This issue was discussed. Apparently, the Bison swim team do not require a life guard. The committee is gathering more information and will then have another meeting. Rod Clifton gave Francie a bulletin where Elaine Goldie who is introducing a new capitol campaign is talking about relations with outside as well as Faculty and Alumni.


Rod reported that we presently have 41 paid members. The breakdown is:

Students - 5

Swimmers opting for 2 swims a week - 10

Swimmers opting for 3 swims a week - 26

Rod feels that we have possibly 3 or 4 more potential members.

The new swimmers are students.

Financial Report:

Rod is currently $90.00 out but is working on it. We currently have between $3200.00 and 3300.00 in the bank. Last year we were short by $2,060.00 which was covered by withdrawing $5,000.00 from our term deposit. The main reason for the shortfall last year was due to the membership being down. We had budgeted for receiving $15,000 in fees but only took in 11,760.00.

This Year’s Budget:

Based on 50 swimmers we should bring in $14,350.00 in the form of 10 students, 15 with 2 swims and 25 with 3 swims.

Rod has the Pop Sidwell budgeted to break even.


1. Pool (after March increase) - $8,784.00

2. Coaching - $4,680.00

3. CSA dues - $1,006.00 (50 x 20 + 6 for group)

Bottom line - a deficit of approx. $8,000.00.


Discussed the Volunteer fees. Tried to figure out who still owed money. Rod M. will destroy cheques from those members who owe no money. He will cash cheques received from those members he received cheques from and who did not complete the required volunteer hours. Any money earned from volunteering will be returned. We will vote at the Annual General meeting (October 27th) on whether or not to continue this practice next year.

Rod C. suggested we talk about swimming etiquette at the general meeting.

Equipment Report:

Charlene has been talking to swimmers about which suit they might like to pick and is hoping to get the order in quickly and have the suits by the Pop Sidwell meet.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.