Thursday, November 8th, 2001

Executive Members Present: Dianne Boulay, Rod Marcyniuk,, Rod Clifton, Brian Russell Marilyn Armstrong, Leah Barnlund, Francie Palmer, Roy Smith,

Frixos Paraskevas

Regrets: Charlene Zaidan

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 P.M.

The minutes were circulating and Rod pointed out the possible deficit this year could be $800.00 not $8,000.00 as stated in the minutes. Minor typos were indicated.

Roy Smith moved that the minutes be adopted and seconded by Rod C. Motion carried.

Rate Increase:

Francie gathered information from the other clubs as to the rates they were being charged. Norm Cameron will be meeting with Walt McKee to discuss the increase in our rates. According to the comparison we are paying considerably more than other clubs.

Volunteer Fees:

Rod gave a breakdown of who he returned money to. Dianne will make a one pay sheet on Volunteer Fees which can be past out. Volunteers for Pop Sidwell should be reported to Mickey, all others to Dianne.


Rod reported that we are currently sitting at 46 paid members (up from 41 reported at the last meeting).

Pop Sidwell:

Roy has been collecting the entry forms and has received very few from our club. Brian has assured the officials that we will end on time this year. It was suggested that we designate between 4 and 6 tickets to offer to the officials.

Equipment Manager Report:

Charlene (via Dianne) reported that we have approximately $170.00 credit at Swimming Matters. It was decided that we would spend all this money to purchase gifts for the silent auction at the Pop Sidwell meet. Leah volunteered to purchase the items.



MSM Report:

Provincial meet - MSM is looking into paying an individual to be the Meet Manager. Glen Davis will talk to Denis Pickerl and Tony Scott to see if they would agree to organize the meet and receive $500.00 in payment. The individual would be responsible for the food, officials, etc. The profit from the meet will go back in the MSM account.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.