Mid Can Masters

Executive meeting

7:35 November 13, 2003


Members present: -Tracey, Rod.M, Shannon, Terri, Kathleen, Francie (late)

Bob, Rod C, Roy


1) Membership update

      -Since the AGM 4 members have joined.  We are currently at 45 members.

       Finances - Our deposit this year was $8400 as opposed to last year, it was

            $11000.  Rod speculates that the drop in fee will cause revenue to go



      Question - (Shannon) Has anyone contacted previous members about the new

      drop in fee, as was stated at the AGM? (No sure answer)


      Cheques - Two signatures are needed on cheques for Masters.  At the moment

      the signing names are Rod M, Francie, Roy, and Mary Anne.  Mary Anne is not

            really around so maybe we can change that name to Tracey’s. Tracey agreed

to    this.  Rod and Tracey shall arrange this with the bank.


2) Pop Sidwell update

      -it looks like everything is on track at the moment. Kathleen has food and

drinks covered for officials. jack has officials.  At the moment there are

approximately 72 swimmers registered only 3 are from our club, and

apparently about 25 are from Kenora.  Banquet numbers need to be confirmed

this week.

Please remind your lanes prizes are needed, pass them to francie or Lea.


3) Holiday party

      -a small get together will be held at Boston Pizza on the 18, (Thursday)

Dec at 10:00.


The last practice is the 23 of Dec.


4) New President

Roy has agreed to take on the position of President. He needs to be voted

in.  There need to be a quorum (50% of membership). The next time there is

large number of members we’ll ask Pal to stop the practice and quickly hold

a vote.


5)General discussion

      -Can we fix up our web site so that interested browsers get and can easily

find        all the info they need ?

      -Maybe we can get some team pictures up, and pictures of the coach.

      -How about video testimonials from members?

      -Let’s make it an initiative for this year to improve the web site, and

increase          membership.  Let’s look into creating a web committee to work on

the web site.

      Final decision is to contact Bob and discuss some options with him.


      Motion to adjourn meeting Rod C all members present are in Favor.


Next meeting thursday  Dec 11th, at 7:30.