Mid Can Executive meeting

March 11, 2004 7:42


Roy, Kathleen, Tracey, Rod C, Terry


Meeting minutes from February adopted


1)Bingo Bowl

††††† Kathleen- it went well. There is $30 extra from the pizza. There were about

30 people ††††††† there (including family of members).

††††† Thank you Kathleenfor organizing this fun event. There has been good

feedback form ††††††††† the members who attended.


2)Pop sidle

††††† Rod- Heather (the booking ďladyĒ) has suggested that prices to rent the

pool will be the †††††† same as they were two years ago (which will be a bit

cheaper than Steinbok pool) . A ††††††††† motion to reserve U of M pool is made. All

member unanimously pass it. Rod will †††††††††† reserve the pool from approximately

1:30 -7pm on the 20th of November and also the †††††† classroom from 2 -7pm.

Some questions have been brought up about warm up times, etc. ††† Details will

be worked out later. Rod will confirm times once he knows.

††††† Dinner- either St. Johns or University Club. Kathleen will phone them t

discuss and ††††††††††† compare prices/menus.She has a contact at University CLub

and Ian Park is the contact ††††††† at St. Johns.


3) Membership

††††† a) Web site- Rod will callBob and set up a meeting to get started on this



††††† b) Pamphlet- Terry has looked at a copy of the original pamphlet and thinks

itís okay. †††††† some of the info needs to be updated.

††††† -We need to discuss where it can be put that it will be accessible to

people who could †††††† become potential members.

††††† - does the team want to spend some money and get a domain name for the web?

This †††††† would look more professional, itís probably around $60.


††††† c) April 3rd meeting- some members have suggested that this is the last

week go spring †††††††† break, do we want to move it to April 10th? However, this

is a long weekend. †††††††††††††††† Unanimously it agreed to keep it on the 3rd.

††††† Roy would like to do a bit of a power point presentation to appear

professional, and so †††††††† members can see some of the changes in membership

fees over the years, and membership ††††† composition.

††††† Coffee will be brought, the rest is pot luck by the executive.


4) Progressive dinner

††††† May the 15th.So far two homes. Helga Sickert has offered her house as a

possibility. †††††††††† Kerri and Roy have also offered their home. We continue to

look for one more.


††††† 5)Provincials

††††††††††† It is April 17 and 18. mickey is collecting all the entry forms etc. His

deadline is ††††††††††† the 30th. Rod will remind people with a club e-mail.


††††† 6) MSM

††††† -they need help with provincials, they are looking for bartender, timers,

officials, and †††††††† prizes.


††††† 7) Lifeguards

††††† - the e-mails was sent by Rod.

meeting adjourned 8:20

Next meeting set for Thursday April 8th