Mid Can Masters

June 17, 2003, 7:20pm

Rod.C, Rod.M, Tracey, Roy, Francie, Jack

No May meeting occurred.

1) Water Quality - seemed to be really good for a couple of weeks. Last

week there were 2 days where the water was quite cloudy. Looks like itís

normal now. There is still a lot of debris, band aids, hair dirt or little

bits of gravel on the pool bottom and floating.

2) Casino Night update - The outstanding issue with the bill has been

settled in our favor. The university club reissued an invoice for the

correct amount. We paid the correct amount and there was no over charge.

Kathleen was reimbursed for the amount she put on her VISA credit card by

the club.

3) Lifeguards - there has been some previous discussion as to the

professionalism of the lifeguards on deck , however this week both Rod. c

and Tracey remarked on the behavior of the lifeguards. Other members have

also mentioned these issues to executive members during the practices.

Lifeguards on tuesday and thursday nights have been seen:

- ordering pizza and bringing the box down on deck to eat it

- reading books while guarding

- writing in binders while on deck guarding (two lifeguards side by side

neither looking at the pool, this particular evening a gentleman sat on the

bench after he exited the pool for 15min before he was finally approached,

and only then because Pal mentioned to the guards that he was still there!)

- talking to each other (not a big deal however, neither of them was even

looking at the pool)

This behavior concerns the swimming members as we are paying for a service

which does not appear to occur. Some members are a bit more concerned than

usual as there has been a lot of media coverage lately into the death of a

small child at a city pool in the media. We know it is an easy night to

guard as not a lot happens, however as trained professionals the guards need

to be doing their job and showing a bit of professionalism on the deck.

Rod.c, will write a draft letter for Francie and she will forward it on to

Amanda and cc it to Walt Mckee.

4) Membership - Rod. M,- we have one more new member. Over the year, 55

members have joined at some point in time. There are currently 38 active


- the financial projection has been revised, mainly because the pool

rate/fees have not gone up. We should expect a loss of around $1200.

Currently our bank balance is around $2700. Rod.M, has spoken with Heather

(whom we book the pool from) she has suggested that the September to March

rates should stay at $42.50, which is the same.

-so.... should we raise membership fees or not? At the moment our

membership is about 50/50 for those who pay for 2x a week and those who pay

for 3x. If we were to raise our fees by $10, we would still be at a loss

and the $10 increase would equal one new member. So attracting just two new

members would raise more money. Compared to what MAC is charging our club

is more expensive. Compared to Pan Am, just down the road we are about $10

less. however, they provide more practice times than we do, and we donít

want to lose members to them. Motion- to let membership rates stand and

discuss again next year. All members of executive were in favor of this

motion. Motion passed.

Tracey - members have suggested to her that they wouldnít mind seeing a

drop in rate, should they sometimes prefer to come 3x a week instead to 2x.

Francie -would we need to have these non-members pay a CASA fee? Some

triathlon and other swim clubs have something like that. They charge a fee

for ten swims, then as the swimmer uses them they get marked off during the


-we like this idea, perhaps $4 a swim so $40 for ten swims, and a member of

the executive could mark them off when they come. It would be good if there

swims expired 1 year form the date they purchased it.

-Motion to try it and look into CASA. All members of the executive present

were in favor. Motion passed.

Tracey- some previous members have also so suggested an earlier swim time

would help us to retain their membership, even by a 1/2 and hour. Francie

has tried to get Mid Can in earlier in the past. However we have always

been denied this time (7:30 - 9:30).

5) MSM- Jack -Glennís report, he went to the national meeting in Montreal

where a new award was presented. A Master volunteer appreciation award.

Jack thinks itís a good idea. Long rang planning committee is still looking

at increasing membership, through the use of posters, a web site presence,

continued involvement with age groups, e-mailing membership, local contacts

and provincial swim boards.

The long range planning is for profit growth, and retaining members (many of

the same things the small

clubs are going through) the demographic for growth are 25-35 years of age.

At a national level itís 30 - 40.

Swim Manitoba annual meeting was june 1st. (there have been some problems

getting everyone to attend provincial meetings, so they havenít happened in

a while) Pal was our rep. Pending a sanction #, our Popsidwell should be

Saturday November 22, in Steinbach. As a club we hope there are no more

conflicts with other meets, this is the second year it has happened. It

makes it much more difficult for officials etc.

Negotiation has started for a Masters club in Steinbach. Maybe weíll see

them at the Popsidwell meet!?

6) Dates to remember:

Last swim before pool closure is Thursday August 21

First swim back is Saturday September 13

Next executive meeting Thursday June 11th

AGM to occur in early October, the 4th

side note -Helena has spoken to some members of the executive, she is

finding it difficult to attend meetings and practices as she is out of town

with her job a lot. Perhaps we will need to find a new equipment manager.

- heads-up from Francie- she will be retiring in the fall.