Mid Can Masters

Jan 8, 2004


Terry, Shannon, Roy, Rod M, Tracey


1) Bingo Bowling

††††† -coming up in February. This will be a social event for the club. Kathy to

report on it.


2) Membership

††††† -there have been no new members since our last meeting.


3) Pop Sidwell

††††† -Results are in- there was a profit of $333.93. This is down form last year

due to a rise in pool rental and banquet costs.

††††† Roy - letís make a decision s to where we will hold it next year. Rod. M

has agreed to look into possible date bookings for the U of M pool (Sat,

Nov. 20 2004). What he has found to date is that the last time it cost $499,

and the price has not changed. The pool it rented by unit or and hourly fee,

the up coming April contract will show this so we can predict if it will go

up in cost.


4) Progressive dinner

††††† -Date: Sat May 15th, start think of where we can go. More discussion to be

held next meeting.


5) MSN

††††† Terry- meeting was held Jan 7th. Up coming meets are as follows :

††††† Kenora - Feb. 7th

††††† Winnipeg Masters pentathlon - March 6th

††††† Manitoba provincials- April 17th and 18th

††††† Nationals in Edmonton - May long- 22nd to 24th


Bob reported that Pop Sidwell has been planned for November 20th 2004.


MSM membership update = 260 swimmers in Manitoba


6) Suggestion for sub committee

††††† -perhaps a poster could be created as well . It could be posted in

community clubs, libraries, other pools etc...


Meeting adjourned 8:20

Next meeting is set for Thursday February 12, @ 7:45



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