Mid-Can Masters Swim Club

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

November 4th, 2014

Attendance: Bob Modrcin, Rhonda Leger, Greg Giesbrecht, and Roy Eldridge

Regrets: Colleen Metge

  1. Approval of proposed Agenda and Minutes from October 9th, 2014 [Bob M./Rhonda, Carried]

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Deferred

  3. Pop Sidwell November 22,2014:

  1. Registration—started, not many.

  2. Officials—majority of positions open; senior officials confirmed.

  3. Catering—approx. 47 attending banquet. Cash bar. Extra table requested for silent auction. MSM AGM will take place at banquet.

  1. Group Equipment Purchases: Wenda gave Bob M. a contact about long sleeved blue shirts (or gray) and H2O bottles.

  2. MSM Report: Deferred

  3. Next Meeting: Thursday January 15th, 2015 SAPHER Student Lounge at 7:15pm

  4. Adjournment: 8:10 pm