Mid-Can Masters Swim Club

Annual General Business Meeting

October 18th, 2014

Attendees: Rhonda Leger, Rod Clifton, Bob Modrcin, Roy Smith, Carrie Smith, Wenda Dickens, Greg Giesbrecht, Bob Groff, , Leah Barnlund, Pal Temesvari, Francie Palmer, Rod Marcyniuk, Wilhelmina Findlay, Roy Eldridge, Shannon Adam, Tracy McDonald, Valerie ? and Colleen Metge

  1. Call to order at 10:20 am

  2. Approval of Agenda [Bob G./ Francie, Carried]

  3. Approval of the Minutes of October 26, 2013 AGM [Bob G./Wenda,Carried]

  1. President’s Report: Bob Modrcin welcomed all members to the AGM breakfast and thanked the executive board members for their contributions over the past year. The Active Living Center construction did not impact the club this past year with the takeover of the Frank Kennedy parking lot nor did the Investors Group Field events interfere with many swim practices. Pool fouling was a non-issue but unfortunately, late starts of the Saturday 8am practices continues to be a problem. The Pop Sidwell Meet continues to be one of the best attended in central Canada. Three club members attended the FINA Masters. Executive board positions are available.

  1. Financial Report/Membership Report: Colleen Metge provided a detailed report and Income/Expense Statement outlining “another fiscally sound year” with a gain of $1000. However, the Pop Sidwell return was down $1000. MSM did not contribute $500 as they have previously. See reports. Over the 2013/2014 swim season we had 50 members which is great! This year fewer have committed. There are some issues regarding pool rental and membership fees. The 17% pool rental increase will have to be followed up with the U of M. With that drastic increase, club fees were increased by 10% this season. It was suggested we compare the Pan-Am Pool rental fee with ours. With regards to the pool contract, a contract amendment should include opening the change room ten minutes before 8am on Saturday mornings so that we have access to the pool for the time we have paid for. Several club members have asked for pro-rated fees. MOTION: After Nov.1, 2014 membership fees will be pro-rated by month for the year.[Roy S./Rod C., Carried]

  1. Coaches Report: Pal Temesvari says looking back on the last year we have made some progress—but we need to do more! Fewer swimmers still occupy the first three lanes. Swimmers in lanes four to six should share the lanes with faster swimmers and try to keep the numbers balanced. Public swimmers see the empty or near empty lanes and want to swim there. Pal suggested a sign on deck “Master Swimming in Progress” to keep public aware. Flyers and brochures on hand would help promote the club. As far as practice goes, strive to follow the workout instructions and make goals for yourself. Drill swim warm up means DO drills. He emphasized streamlining and doing proper turns by practicing. Challenge yourself! See video on You Tube “The Race Club”.

  1. Pop Sidwell Swim Meet: November 22, 2014 Officials signup sheet has been posted. Banquet will be at the U of M.

  1. Meet Schedule for 2014/2015 Season:

  1. Election of Members of the Board of Directors: Greg Giesbrecht

2014-2015 Mid-Can Masters Swim Club Executive Board

Thank you to our new executive members and past/present members for their continued dedication.

  1. Equipment Order: Club has expressed an interest in obtaining long sleeve shirts, equipment bags and water bottles advertising our logo.

  1. Next Executive Meeting: Thursday Nov. 6th, 2014 at 7:15pm in the Frank Kennedy Center’s Student’s Lounge. Note to discuss: Intro to Master Swimming –a successful program offered by MMAC to help promote membership.

  2. Adjournment 12:04 pm