Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roy & Carrie Smith, 5 Bridges Swim, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 3, 2011

Pool Reopening:

First Swim after Pool Cleaning:

Saturday, September 17, 2011 First swim of the 2011/2012 swim year.

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2011/2012 Membership Package Attached:

Attached is the swim package for the upcoming year. As our pool rental costs have been increased by 28% the executive has found it necessary to increase our club fees by 28%. It is understood that this is a significant increase, but the price per swim is still low. If one swims 3 times per week, each swim will cost $4.08/swim (assuming 141 swims). The Frank Kennedy's adult drop-in fee is $9.00. This is still a low price for the workouts. If we are successful at increasing our membership, the fees will be lower in the future. Your fees and forms are due by the end of September. They can be given to our treasured treasurer Colleen Metge, or to any executive member.
Membership Form:
The membership form can be completed first in Adobe Reader, and then printed. This will make it more legible and ensures dates etc are in the requested format. The form can still be printed as is, and then filled in by hand.

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See you in the pool: