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Masters Swimming Manitoba (facebook – like it)

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Check out the videos at the MSM web site: http://www.mastersswimmingmanitoba.com/#!videos/c9qb

Pal Temesvari coach of Mid Can Masters Swim Club receives the 2014 award


Pal Temesvari, Winnipeg, Masters Swimming: Temesvari was the long time Manitoba Marlins head swim coach, is a fully certified CCP III coach.. Temesvari has been part of the Canadian Swim Team coaching at international events including the 2000 Summer Olympics, 1999 Pan Am Games, 1996 Summer Olympics and 1994 Commonwealth Games. Temesvari personally designs the workouts so that there are variations with respect to distances as well as strokes used. He is happy to help members to improve their swimming techniques during practice.

My thank you to everyone for coming to the award breakfast this morning. Not only was I surprised to be the recipient of the Sport Manitoba Active for Life Award but also to see all of you at the award breakfast. I was very honoured so many of our club members came and cheered for me!

You inspire me to be a better coach and I really appreciate your show of support for me.

Yours in swimming


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 Pop Sidwell 2016Meet Manager BACKUP Required.

            The date for the 2016 Pop Sidwell has been set for November 19, 2016.

The Meet Manager's responsibilities are to:    1) obtain the meet sanction

                                                                          2) create the information package,

                                                                          3) arrange for the officials and

                                                                          4) coordinate at the swim meet.

 If you are interested in learning to become a Senior Official at Swim Meets

You can get information on this from Bob or Greg

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Faster Swimming  

Officials Training

1. Crowded LanesSome of the lanes are getting too crowded for some swims. If you arrive and there are are already 2 or more swimmers in your usual lane than in adjacent lanes, then please swim in an adjacent lane. We have asked Pal to help with this. If he asks you to move to another lane then please give it a try. You’ll get faster if you challenge yourself a little.

Swimming Info Site

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1) Lane Leaders  and Telephone Phone Out: In the event of a pool closure the pool will phone one of the executive who will in turn phone each lane leader, who will be phone each lane member. In the event that the lane leader is not available, another lane member will be called and asked to notify the other lane members. For this reason you should keep a copy of the membership available. The Lane Leaders Are:

Lane 1 - Colin Gyles                   261-9375
Lane 2 - Wenda Dickens            475-7292
Lane 3 - Roy Smith                     254-6002
Lane 4 - Carrie Smith                 254-6002
Lane 5 -
Lane 6 - Greg Giesbrecht           254-4275


Masters Swimming Manitoba

Million Metre Challengecurrently Mid-Can Masters is ranked 27th in Canada in metres swam. Join up and move us up the list.


Mid Can Masters Swim Club

For problems  or questions regarding Mid Can Masters contact rkgroff@shaw.ca
Last updated: May 27, 2016